hardcoverjacket_500x700Next  Saturday, US-based bookseller Barnes & Noble is running an adult colouring event called  All-American Art Unwind in all of its 647 stores.

Adults are invited to come and play in-store and have some fun reverting back to their childhood.

“We expect that it’s only going to feed the coloring-book trend,” Barnes & Noble’s VP of gifts Alex Perruzzi told Adweek.

“People who haven’t done it before will be doing it for the first time.”

“Smoking hot”

Adult colouring books are a very hot market right now, and has the potential to be very lucrative for self-publishers, as Bill Platt explains here.

“Since the end of May 2015, online websites have started describing the incredible growth of a new format of book: colouring books for adults,” he says.

Coloring book sales

2015’s incredible spike in Amazon sales of adult colouring books

“It’s incredible to see so many books being published in this genre, even by big brands like Marvel and Game of Thrones. It’s really exploding right now – even the Amazon store shows over 1,036 titles in this genre making many sales daily.

“Sales started to take off around 2010, but it remained a fairly small market until the latter half of June 2015, when sales increased 450% in just the last two months.”

He points out that the genre is smoking hot right now, which means self-publishers have the potential to create many best-selling books quickly.

“What is even more awesome about this approach is that you can do well in this genre, even if you have little or no experience drawing,” Platt adds.

“Most folks have liked to colour since they were children, and an amazing number of people still enjoy coloring as an adult. Colouring is relaxing, something that will help you free your mind and calm you like few other things on the planet. And more, you are creating art. Think about this. Who is the top consumer of paint-by-number kits? Adults? You bet.”

U.K. illustrator Millie Marotta’s ‘Animal Kingdom’ has sold over 1,5 million copies to date.

It is this interest in free-time activities that allow people to relax and enjoy themselves that is moving thousands of people to buy new coloring books each and every day, and sometimes, just to collect them. 

Depending on how much time or money you want to spend, you could turn any project into profit with the easy-to-use software you will find in this guide.

“They are eager for new books, to grow their collections, and your colouring books could well be the next one they pick,” he says, adding that his book is a step-by-step guide to creating outstanding colouring books for adults, with free or paid software.

Consumers want it again – and again

The major advantage of this market is that the books are consumable, unlike a normal fiction or non-fiction book.

Once the book has been coloured in, people have to buy another one. 

The benefits of colouring include stress relief, trains your brain to focus and helps develop fine motor skill and vision.

Creating a colouring book is actually a simple process, even if you are artistically challenged.


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