Depositphotos_29068653_xsLast week I discussed why building a list of readers is so important to your career as a writer (3 Reasons Why You Have To Build a Readers List). This week I want to follow up on that discussion by talking to you about the ‘Thank You’ page.

This is the page that you send people to after they have confirmed their email address for your mailing list. What you do with this page determines how engaged your readers / subscribers become with you as an individual.

If you plan it out properly you can get a lot of traction from this page. It is the starting point of building your relationship with the reader. You want to delight them and encourage them to keep track of you because of all the awesomeness you have planned for them.

I use Aweber to build my mailing lists. It has the facility to create auto-responders (follow up emails in layman’s terms) that I can schedule to go out a specific number of days after the last one was sent. This then allows me to build the relationship with my readers on auto-pilot.

There is initially work involved in planning and creating those follow up messages but I will discuss that in a later blog post. The purpose of the first follow up or confirmation email is to send them to the ‘Thank You’ page.

Once they are there, you must tell what they need to do next.

Firstly you must give them what you promised them. This would normally be the free book or report that you offered. Make it easy for them to get it there and then by linking to the pdf or zip file that contains the free gift.

Next encourage them to find you on the various social media platforms and where they can find your books on Amazon.

Give them a way to contact you via email if they have any questions and actively encourage them to do this. The more personal interaction between your reader and yourself, the better chance you have of building up a loyal readership.

Here are a few other ideas that you use the ‘Thank You’ page for:

  • Give the reader their free gift
  • Offer them an unexpected bonus
  • Tell them more about yourself
  • Invite them to read your blog posts
  • Remind them to keep subscribed so that they don’t miss any important news
  • Recommend a few products or resources that will help them
  • Show them where you hang out online so that they can follow you there
  • Tell them what to expect in the next email

To give you a practical example of how you can use the ‘Thank You’ page, I am going to let you take a peek at mine. When people sign up for my free 12 Steps To Self-Publishing Success report, they get sent to this page once they have confirmed – Thank You.

Now you may not be signed up to my mailing list so why would I let you see this? The answer is simple. I hope that I blow you away with the awesomeness that you just have to sign up to my mailing list to see what else I have in store for you. Either way you win.

Two Words. Thank You. It can make all the difference to how your readers move forward in their relationship with you.

What other ways could you use the Thank You page? I would love to hear your ideas. Please comment below the post.

And .. thank YOU, for taking the time to read this post. I appreciate it.

Diana Heuser

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