Pain and profit

Photo Credit: Axel Bührmann

Every person on this planet has gone through heart-breaking and soul shattering challenges that have changed us forever. What we learn (hopefully) out of these hard times is how to live better lives, how to be better people. It changes our perspective on what’s really important in life. Most times it boils down to people. The people we love and care for. Materialistic matters become secondary and we start focusing on our relationships with significant others; our children, our friends, our family and the people we will love forever.

I have been through a lot but perhaps the hardest is loving a man that does not love me. That kind of pain never goes away. But, it has changed me and for the better. What better way to learn about unconditional love? I have learned how to love someone completely with every fibre of my being, without expecting anything in return. 

So why I am talking about this? This pain and passion that both you and I have experienced must be written about. You can help people who have gone through similar situations. Your personal experience in dealing with these challenging emotional, physical and spiritual issues will provide hope and solace to others out there. That is what writers do. They impact the world with their words.

Yes, you have to be willing to be vulnerable and show people your pain. That’s scary. But if your passion and purpose as an author is to make a difference in people’s lives, then you have to take the risk. 

You may only make a difference to one person. You may change that person’s outlook on life and give them hope. So you write a book about what you went through and how you dealt with it. One person buys it. It’s not going to make you a fortune as a writer, but on a meta-physical level you will be richer.

Now that’s all fine and dandy, but we live in a physical world that requires money to fund your lifestyle. You need to be able to feed your kids, keep a roof over your head and cover your basic living expenses. If you are not feeding your family and yourself you cannot help anyone else. Altruism does not pay the bills.

But this is where it gets interesting There are over 7 billion people in the world. The chances are that there are at least a few thousand people who have gone through similar challenges and issues that you have. So write the book for them, and make a few bucks at the same time. 

Make a difference, and make money at the same time.

To this end, I want to introduce you to David Martin. David makes a sizable amount of money publishing books that help people deal with spiritual, emotional and mental challenges. He has a training guide that teaches you how to convert your experiences and challenges into books that will inspire and motivate others.

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Do you have a story to share that you think will help people? Tell me about it please. I would be honoured to help you get that message out to the world where it is needed.

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