Traffic Case StudyTraffic Case Study: Do You Want to Take Part?

I am ready to to implement a specific traffic strategy on my author website. The aim of this strategy is the following:

  • Increase organic (free) traffic to my website
  • Build up my Social Media Exposure
  • Increase the number of subscribers to my list
  • Sell more copies of my books

I am going to be documenting the entire process, along with all the steps involved and then analyse the results. Once the case study is done, I will create a new training/information  course out of it and release it to the general public.

My question to you is this? Do you want to take part in the case study?

There are however a few conditions.

By taking part in this paid case study you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The fee is non-refundable.
  2. You agree to have your author/book website showcased in the final report that is produced.
  3. You agree NOT to share what is discussed in this group with anyone outside of the group.
  4. You agree to be a part of the group platform where we will be implementing the case study
  5. You commit to following all the steps and getting the work done
  6. You understand that I am not making any guarantees on sales and traffic
  7. And finally you agree to have fun with this.

For me to run this as a group project it is going to take a lot more work and organisation so I am only looking for serious committed participants. That means I am going to charge $50 for you to take part.

This case study will start around the 15th of June and will not require more than 15 to 30 minutes worth of work a day for you. I will have all the steps documented for you. All you have to do is tick off the list.

This is what you will get out of it:

  • A workable traffic generation plan that we implement on a daily basis
  • A schedule of activities that you need to get done
  • Access to the completed report and any other related products at the end of the case study free of charge
  • Exposure to your website and books by implementing the strategy
  • Even more exposure when I release the final product to the general public, which will contain links to your websites and books

And as an additional sweetener I will give you access to my paid membership site for one month free of charge (usually costs $27 a month).

There are not going to be any other additional costs.

I am looking at setting up an organic traffic process so I will not be using paid advertising in this case study.

I am limiting the number of participants to 15 members only, so if you would like to a part of this interactive traffic case study, then please click on the Paypal button below to make your payment of $50 now. I will remove the Buy Button as soon as I have the 15 participants.

Sorry. Registrations Closed. Please join my newsletter if you would like to get advance notice of the report before I start selling it to the general public.

(By clicking on the Buy Now button you agree to the Terms and Conditions)

You will be redirected to a Thank You page after making your payment.


P.S. Remember that I will hold your hand throughout the entire process and you will get access to the completed product at the end completely free.

P.P.S. I have already got four committed participants so please do not hesitate if you would like to take part.


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