Financial business analytics conceptOne of the key elements of publishing a book on any platform is to make sure that readers are able to find your website quickly and easily from inside the book.

I normally do this in the first few pages of any book I publish. It is either a link directly to my website, or a free gift that I offer on my website. The aim of that free gift is to get readers to give me their email address in exchange for the free gift. That way I build up a big mailing list of readers.

The problem is that until recently I had no idea how effective that tactic was. I needed a way to track how many people were coming to my site via a specific book.

I have found a solution and I am going to share it with you.

I installed a WordPress Plugin called Pretty Links. This is a free version but after using this extensively I am seriously considering going for the paid version.

Once you have installed in on your site, add the url to your email list signup form and then give the link a specific name. You can see what I mean in the graphic below.


So the link will look like this: Go ahead and click on it. While you are there, why don’t you sign up for my newsletter?

Now you can track exactly how many people came to your site or signup form with that specific link.


The secret is to give each book you publish a different Pretty Link. Now when you evaluate your traffic stats, you will know which books are sending readers to your site.

Like the idea? Let me know if you found this useful please.

Di ‘The Book Whisperer‘ Heuser 😉

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