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Diana did book formatting and graphic design work for two Warrior Kindle Forum group projects to date. Simply put, she did great work, at great prices, and delivered on time. Get her for your next project before she realizes she should be charging more for her services.

Shan Marshall Down To Earth Coaching

Having outsourced coding, I thought I would outsource some non-fiction writing relating to self esteem. The woman I chose had lots of A+ reviews, people were desperate to work with her again – all that sort of thing. Then I asked for a plan which I discovered was plagiarised. I even sent this woman a list of the websites she’d taken it from and some blistering feedback.

Having a whinge to Di, the next day, she offered to help. I told her what I wanted – number of words each section, gave some section headings and left her to it. I didn’t know what to expect or how good her English would be. Silly me! This is Di Heuser, after all!

The first of 12 sections arrived a few days later. I don’t know how Di did it but she wrote it in my ‘voice’. The writing was clear, went into detail, used quotes, kept it easy to understand.

I had the first four sections every few days, then seven in one go, then the final section.

To say I’m impressed is an understatement. It’s a huge understatement. Di over-delivered in words, quality, grammar (she knows where to put apostrophes) and tasks.

My ‘pet’ test with self esteem topics is seeing how someone deals with the topic of ‘the critical inner voice’ – some people skirt round it, others ignore it. Di tackled it full on and wrote a really good piece on working with it.

I would certainly use Di Heuser for writing in future.


Michalis BIG Mike Kotzakolios DigiBilly Instant Payment Group

I am absolutely delighted with how smoothly and intuitively Diana was able to quickly produce my first Kindle Book Cover – all based on a couple of quick emails back and forth. Having worked with many graphics designers over the years, I can honestly say that this was the easiest design outsourcing I’ve ever done, from start to finish. Her professional approach, excellent communication, great price and terrific results puts her at the top of my list of people I’m comfortable recommending to others.

That said, if you’re looking for someone who can design Kindle Book Covers that scream “Buy Me”, stop wasting your time and do what I did – outsource it to Diana and get the job done right the first time.


Dr.Mani Internet Infopreneur

What impressed me the most about Diana Heuser’s Kindle service is how quickly she was able to deliver a high value package.  Without going back and forth endlessly, with the least delay and debate, I had an excellent ebook cover of my choice designed, as well as a neatly formatted Kindle ebook ready – in record time.

Within these constraints, we managed to fit in my concept and idea into a design conceived and outlined by Di to come up with an eye-catching cover that’s sure to attract more buyers and boost conversions.

At the price I was charged for this service, I would have been happy with one-third of the quality.  Diana Heuser over-delivers by a HUGE margin on her promise, and delivers a power-packed punch to your Kindle marketing efforts.

I would highly recommend her services in Kindle ebook formatting and ecover design to anyone looking for a quality package at affordable rates.


Britt Malka The Zefram Blogging System

Di Heuser from The Nitty Gritty created my book blog design for me, and I love it. It’s clean and simple, easy to find your way around, and I’ve received so much praise for it from visitors.


Louise Louis Toy Breeds

Di has done three covers for me so far. All of them are eye-catching and show up well in miniature in the Kindle book store.

I really like how she listens to what you want to do and offers alternatives. Before I found Di, I’d used some Fiverr people who acted like I’d shot their dog because I asked for a simple font change or wanted to charge me more to do it.

Di doesn’t press to have what she wants, she goes with what you want. And it looks great.

If you plan on making Kindle a major part of your income stream, you need a designer (who’s also a Kindle author herself) who understands how to show up well on a Kindle. Di’s the one.


Haoting Chow Conqueror Publishing

“Di is my secret weapon!

I have hired Di for 6 of my books! SIX. If she was not that good, I would not have come back and pay her again and again. Formatting is the boring and tedious part about kindle publishing. And Di makes it so easy for me it is ridiculous. Top notch quality and fast service. Absolute best in the market and I did not need to break the bank for her service. Highly recommended. Stop formatting and start publishing!”


Jason Parker ES3 Marketing LLC

“My sales page was converting well, but I had a hard time attracting many affiliates because the page was a little bare.  Affiliates… can’t live with em and you can’t live without em.  Anyway, Di did a great job punching up my sales page with some high impact graphic headlines and sub-heads.  I’m a happy camper.”


Luz Laureano Burn Fat Stay Healthy

Thanks a lot for your help Diana!

I appreciate your promptness when following up and your professionalism. The work was delivered on time as promised.

I am looking forward to working with you again!



Charles Steed Author

First, I want to say that writing this was my idea. Diana didn’t ask me to.

Over the last couple of weeks decided I needed help with some things. I needed some graphics work along with some work done on one of my WordPress sites, two actually. I somehow managed to delete and entire site, more than 30,000 words of content. I asked Diana to help. She came through in a big way.

Diana gets it. She understands that business is about offering value and building relationships. She goes out of her way to make sure you’re happy. She has an excellent grasp of the details and at the same time she’s intuitive with a natural knack for what exactly you’re looking for. I’d created a really ugly header (functional, but awful) and she designed a really sharp one for me in no time, one I can be proud of.

But there’s more. Have you ever screwed up and thought you’ve lost a massive amount of work? I think we all have. The content from the site I mentioned was all backed up but it had taken me more than a month to get it all where I wanted it on my site. And with a couple of stupid (my own stupidity) mouse clicks the site was gone. Diana had it back the following day.

So… If you’re looking for someone you can trust and depend on, someone who knows what the hell she’s doing, it’s Diana.



Bud Riggs, New Mexico USA

There are two kinds of people in this old world: Those that DO, and those that talk about it but do nothing. Diana is a DOer. If she says she’ll do something, you can take that to the bank. I was lucky to run into her, as she has made my life easier with every step. I would recommend her services to anybody, as she has proven her worth to me over and over again.

Istvan Horwath

If you know what you need and you can explain it to Di… just watch her as she delivers your quality graphics. Diana was very receptive to my (not always simple) requirements, worked fast and did a great job! Hiring her is strongly recommended!


I found myself in a time crunch, I needed excellent quality, I needed it fast and I needed to work with someone who could understand my instructions, translate my descriptions to imagery and deliver on time. I give Diana my highest recommendation for her commitment to her clients’ happiness and her willingness to not only get the job done, but to forge great relationships that we all come here to the Warrior Forum to create. I look forward to working with Diana, again. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to have someone I can turn a job over to and simply know I don’t have to worry about it turning out beautifully! Priceless! Get to know Diana and check out what she offers. For her sanity though, don’t be like me and wait until the last minute! You’ll be glad you did. She’s awesome to work with!

Kim Winfrey

I think she did fantastic work and like Istvan, would highly recommend her services to any and everyone!

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