I am thrilled and honoured to introduce you to Kunle Olomofe. I met Kunle four years ago in a marketing forum and I was always amazed at this remarkable man. He has built up a solid business and reputation while operating out of one of the most challenging countries in Africa. Kunle lives in Nigeria and has had to face more battles and challenges that the average online business person because of the bad reputation his country has.

He is a symbol of hope and inspiration that if you work hard enough, long enough and keep making the right ethical decisions, you can achieve anything you want to. I woud encourage you to join his Facebook group on Authority and Positioning.

“How can you get heard in today’s noisy marketplace? It’s simple…


(Noisy marketplace. Photo courtesy: sanglucci.com)

Position yourself as a Celebrity Author! Why exactly? Well…

Authors are mostly either 1) Story tellers and/or 2) Problem solvers, and people by and large only take the time to read (or spend their hard earned money on) books and ebooks written by authors who are well known and/or greatly loved within their niche as great Story tellers or superb Problem solvers. These are the authors who are touted as having “MUST READ” books and ebooks by for example other authors, very happy readers, 3rd party independent reviewers, and/or media representatives.

These are the “Celebrity Authors” and they are seen as the true experts in their genres or niches (even though there may very well be other competent or, even more competent authors in the same space)!

The celebrity authors get much of (if not all of) the love in the market place. For better or worse, it’s simply the way the market functions.

What Being A “Celebrity Author” Really Means…

Now, before we go too far at all, please allow me to make one very important point crystal clear… Being a celebrity author doesn’t mean you have to be world famous—that’s nice sure, but that’s NOT what being a celebrity author really means 🙂 . Being a celebrity author also doesn’t mean you have to get on TV, radio etc (though that really helps depending on your target audience), and how much time, effort and resources you’re willing to invest in getting noticed by media outlets locally and globally.

Again all of that would be the ideal. However, none of that is what I refer to when I suggest that you really need to become a celebrity author.


(Man being celebrated by his peers. Photo courtesy: bbc.com)

In my book (no pun intended), a “celebrity author” is simply an author who people in their community look up to, perhaps for having achieved something other authors wish they could achieve as well, or for other positive reasons that dictate that they (the ‘celebrity author’) be revered, honored, or otherwise treated in a special way as a valued member of their community or niche, as the case may be.

For example, you can easily become a celebrity blogger by very simply being diligent as a blogger, and always exciting as a writer, up to the point where other bloggers and readers in that community gladly refer to you as a blogger many wish they could emulate or even surpass! At that point, you will have become a ‘celebrity blogger’ within your own community! 🙂

So then, how can you become a celebrity author so that you’re seen and heard more easily?

That’s a great question :)!

There are actually a number of ways to get attention into today’s noisy marketplace. There are social media platforms, and traditional media platforms, and advertising platforms, and events-based platforms. Frankly, there are more ways to market than there are hours to implement them!

3(Multiple marketing options. Photo courtesy: brickandclick.com)

And that is WHY you need to concentrate your efforts and get the best out of whatever strategies you choose to implement, so that you don’t end up wasting a ton of time and energy as well as resources on getting only a tiny percentage of the success you could have gotten, if you only focused!

Having said that, in this article, below is what I will sincerely suggest should be your NO. 1 approach to getting seen and heard as well as getting yourself to the point where people think of you, talk about you and refer other people to you, so that ultimately more people buy from you.

The simple advice I’m about to share with you will soon lead you to becoming a celebrity author with the bragging rights and benefits that come with it! So, without further ado, here’s what you need to do to be seen as and treated as a CELEBRITY AUTHOR…


One of the fastest ways to become a celebrity author is to appear as a guest expert on as many well known radio and TV shows, and in as many well known offline and online publications as possible. The tough part is actually “getting on” those well known platforms, and let’s be frank here, most little known self-published authors stand very little chance of getting these opportunities (and definitely not handed to them on a platter of gold). So, getting my head out of the clouds and facing reality, I discovered that there is a similar (though much more limited by audience size) opportunity staring little known self-published authors in the face!

2(Opportunity knocks but once. Photo courtesy: mormonmommyblogs.com)

The great news is, to become famous in today’s technology driven world is so much easier than it has ever been. So much so, that no matter how little known you are today, if you know your stuff well i.e. if you’re a fiction writer who is great at telling stories, or you’re a non-fiction writer who is excellent at imparting wisdom via the written word, you can shoot into the spotlight in a matter of months, weeks, days, hours and even minutes!

Yes, there are so many other cool ways of being “spotlighted” across the globe on multiple platforms (and rarely ever getting rejected)!

And here they are…

Those “other cool ways” include getting invited (or getting accepted) to showcase your knowledge as a guest expert on or in…

  • Up and coming PODCAST SHOWS
  • Up and coming BLOGS
  • Up and coming TWITTER FEEDS
  • Up and coming GOOGLE HANGOUTS (or on Other Video Platforms)
  • Up and coming WEBINAR AND TELECONFERENCE platforms
  • Up and coming SEMINAR platforms
  • And the list goes on!

The KEY WORDS (as you might have noticed 🙂 ) being up and coming!

You see, the fact is this…

Due to the share number of competitors out there, many Google hangouts and podcast show producers and hosts, bloggers and Twitter account and Facebook group owners are so much easier to connect with, dialogue with, and convince to let you get in front of their audiences as an expert on your subject matter (as long as you really are!), because many of these people are also still building their own celebrity status, and are eagerly on the lookout for worthy experts to showcase to their own audiences in order to help them boost their own ‘ratings’ and followership!

It’s what in business is called a WIN-WIN-WIN situation, and it can work in your favor more so than spending a ton of cash on paid ads, or chasing traditional media outlets to give you a shot at the big time.

Many platform owners are very happy to invite or accept even UNKNOWN authors to come on and not only chat about their topic of expertise, but also plug their latest book, all for free! Now, the aim for you of getting on these platforms is not and should not be to get a ton of free publicity and a ton of sales for just being highlighted for 10 minutes or via one article.

That’s quite unlikely to happen because the audiences for many of these platforms will usually be in merely the mid 1,000’s or even low 100’s.

You see, the whole point of this exercise is not that you want to appear in front of millions of people for free. That is usually the toughest, most impossible task a beginning or unknown author will have in front of them.

The plan instead, is to gain multiple mentions and showcases in your niche, so that OTHER people in your niche who don’t yet know you (or know of you) can then begin to take notice of you merely because you have become a highlighted (read that as celebrated or ‘celebrity’) author!


(Multiple mentions. Photo courtesy: paedra.wordpress.com)

As I’ve said earlier, to become a celebrity author simply means you are celebrated or honored by people in your space. Being on several podcast shows, being highlighted on several blogs, and being showcased on several twitter feeds for example, will take you from being a little-known (or even totally unknown author), to being a celebrated author worthy of people’s time to either investigate you further, or simply go directly to buy your book(s) just to see for themselves what all the “fuss” is about.

Just in case you need some help implementing the above concept, below is a simple 3 month guest expert tour plan I’m happy to share with you… 🙂

This plan was culled from my proprietary “Celebrity Marketing FormulaTM” training program. It’s called the “90-Day Guest Expert Tour PlanTM because it will usually take 30 days to find all the best platforms where you could get showcased, another 30 days to connect with them adequately (sometimes having to build relationships and/or give them time to book a spot for you), and finally a final 30 days to get yourself out there in such a way that you cause a tiny tornado of excitement with (hopefully) a wave of multiple expert appearances back-to-back over that time!

Right, so if that sounds exciting to you, then here’s the plan…

Month 1: Locate 5-10 platforms daily where you’d like be showcased.

Month 2: Make contact with all the best choices on your gathered list.

Month 3: Spread out your appearances daily to come out back-to-back!

So, say during the first 30 days you locate 150 – 300 up and coming platforms where you feel sure your expertise will be appreciated. Now over the 2nd 30 day period, you go to make contact with all the platform owners.

During the latter 30 days, your aim should be to get booked to appear on ALL of the platforms that show interest in you ONLY during the final 30 day period of this plan. Timed this way, you will create an inevitable “online media blitz” of your content with mentions about you on dozens of platforms around the same time. If you’re lucky, and you get picked by all 300 platforms you approach, just imagine the impact of that! 🙂

But even if you get picked up by just 10% of these platforms, the trick is to spread out your appearances so that your name and book title are popping up in multiple spaces in a perpetual stream to your target audience, whether those appearances come in the form of guest blog posts, ‘on air’ Google hangouts or podcast interviews, twitter interviews or seminars, or however else you will be showcased, aim to get seen back-to-back for the best effect. This is a simple trick few people use well, or even at all 🙂

I guarantee that if YOU use it, you will become instantly noticeable and quickly placed among the ranks of authors worthy of celebration!

So, good luck and feel free to let me know of your success, I can’t wait! 🙂 “


Kunle Olomofe

Kunle Olomofe is the creator of The Celebrity Marketing FormulaTM, and runs a Facebook group on Authority & Positioning where he freely shares marketing systems focused on helping little known self-published authors and other professionals to become the most talked about, most interesting, most visible and most authoritative entities in their spheres of influence.

P.S. Are you in South Africa? Find out more about the 1 day workshop in Johannesburg on the 29th of November 2014.


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