I have been putting this off for over a year, and that is getting to grips with the whole mobile market technology. It’s scary and requires a ton of technical knowledge that I just do not have. Nor do I have the time to learn it. I need time to write.

That all changed when I attended a webinar with Barb Ling where she discussed the future of online marketing. She mentioned that Facebook had committed themselves to adding 5 billion new users to their platform.

Do you know how they intend to do that? Through mobile devices. That means if your site is not mobile responsive for starters, you are going to lose visitors. And that means a smaller market share,  less exposure and fewer sales.

But mobile responsive websites are not the only way to attract mobile users. Apps are another way.

The problem with apps is that they scare the living daylights out of most people because we as authors are not really techie as such. Barb’s lit a raging fire under me and I decided to do some research. My goal was to find an economical and easy way for authors to design an app for themselves that they could then promote their brands and books on.

After much playing around with different platforms, I found one that is relatively cheap and even free if you do not want to publish to iTunes. This is what it looks like –


Mobile application Diana Heuser

I will be covering this in detail as part of the paid Traffic Case Study:  (http://secretstopublishingabook.com/traffic-case-study-want-take-part/).

I will teach you how to setup the free option and then how to market it. It will be a guided tutorial with screenshots to take from the designing to the publishing of your app.

Even though the option I used above is great, after doing some extensive research I decided to invest in a monthly paid option with a site called Create Cool Apps. – http://askdianaheuser.com/coolapps/

My reasoning is that I am serious about building up my brand as an author and publisher. Investing in myself will pay off. Either way, this is the future of online marketing and you as a self-publisher need to start looking at mobile applications if you have not already.

What are your thoughts on mobile? Are you able to take advantage of the rising trend of mobile users?


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