Book Launch


Are you too busy writing your books?

What about getting the word out about your books?

What about the following?

  • formatting,
  • cover design,
  • social media platforms,
  • buying a domain,
  • setting up hosting
  • installing your website,
  • doing the graphic design,
  • writing press releases,
  • creating and managing paid advertising,
  • submitting your KDP Select promotion to all the free sites,
  • and doing all the marketing for your books?

Then this service is for you!


We take your book and do all the following for you.

 1)      Format book for CreateSpace and Amazon

2)      Design covers for both

3)      Setup Author Central Account

4)      Write the description to optimize for keywords

5)      Keyword research

6)      Create a book trailer

7)      A domain (domain fee and hosting free for a year)

8)      Create a full 5 page website, including blog with graphic design ($400)

9)      Customized Social Media Accounts (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube)

10)   Create a mailing list for readers to signup

11)    Write a press release for your book and release it to 3 major PR Sites

12)   One month’s free marketing

13)   Manage your first KDP Select promotion

 All you have to do is write your book!

  • You will get unrestricted access to me on Skype (except when I am asleep)
  • We will plan every phase of the project with your requirements in mind.
  • You will receive a project update on a weekly basis.
  • My team consists of graphic designers, web designers, marketing assistants, writers and my Project Manager
  • Delivery time is estimated between 3 and 4 weeks maximum.

Happy clients send referrals, so it is in my best interest to make you ecstatically happy with our service.

And here are some links to a few sites that we have done for clients:

Britt Malka

Elliott Taylor

Refunds will be considered on a case-to-case basis and pro-rata’d if you are unhappy with our service,but I assure we  are totally committed to customer service and to your happiness.

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