I read a fascinating article by Jenny Trout this morning about an author, Laura Harner, who has published 75 books since 2010. She writes for the M/M (male to male) romance genre. Plagiarism

That works out to be about 15 novels a year. Now there are authors out there that are prolific, but 15 books a year means she is writing about one and a half books a month.

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Possible? Yes it is, but it’s very easy to write that volume of books if you are plagiarising.

Laura Harner copied the work of Becky McGraw — a F/M (Female to Male) romance writer — almost word for word.

By switching genres, Laura thought she could get away with it. Very few F/M readers will read M/M romance novels.

But some do and this is how Laura was busted. The reader notified the original author and she had this to say:

“HOLY CRAP — do people have no morals about STEALING these days? I was just notified by a reader that she started reading M/M romance recently and read a book by another author that is almost VERBATIM my book My Kind of Trouble with the exception it’s a m/m book!! I need a recommendation for a good literary attorney fast!!” – Becky McGraw.

So Laura Harner got away with it for almost five years, but now her reputation is shot. Is it really worth it?

Jenny Trout covers the full story here, along with screenshots of the debacle.

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