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Interactive Book Launch – Be a Part of the Launch Team

I announced in my Facebook group recently that I would be documenting the entire book launch process for a new client of mine. The reason for that decision is to help you in launching your own books, either now or in the future. The question that kept going through my...

Simply Stunning Solution to Sell your Books – Easy and Free

As authors we are really good at writing, but the technological challenges facing us can be a little daunting. I have been researching simple solutions that people can use to sell their books and products off their websites without the need for a degree in Computer...

The Power of Imperfect Action

Last week I got inspired by a post in a group that I belong to. I did a test run of the concept using my existing website and it worked out well. That prompted me to buy a new domain on Monday. The post referred to opening your mind to other business opportunities in...

14 Ways to Explode a Facebook Group

I was asked this question in my Facebook group (Secrets To Publishing A Book) yesterday. “Crikey Di, where do you find all these new members? You pulling then off the street with a big hook or what?” I started this group in December 2013 and it is now sitting at over...

Habit – The Most Powerful Force in the Universe

I am delighted to have Vince Runza as our guest blogger this week. Vince always has pithy and honest advice. He has presented us with a few suggestions below that I think are brilliant. Hi, Vince Runza here, with some suggestions regarding your writing, publishing,...

7 Excuses You Use to Not Self-Publish

Are you one of those people writing a book, but never get around to publishing it? Why not? What is stopping you? Here’s a list of the most common excuses I hear from fledgling authors as to why they have not published their book yet: 1)      Self-publishing is only...

Why Collaboration is Sexier than Competition

When a group of people get together and focus all their energies on a single outcome, the results can be so outstanding that they are almost magical. What makes it even more interesting is that if this group of people are technically speaking in ‘competition’ with...

5 Reasons to Enroll Your Book in Kindle Unlimited

I believe that using Kindle Unlimited is a good idea for you as an author to get traction in the market place for your books. Although my primary reasons for recommending that you enroll is to get massive exposure to your books, you will still make money. If you have...

MyBookTable Review

I found this promising plugin for WordPress sites that has potential for authors to market and sell their books off their websites. It’s called MyBookTable and is developed by Author Media. Their sales copy says the following “A WordPress Plugin to help authors sell...

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