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Plagiarising? We will bust you!

Laura Harner copied the work of Becky McGraw — a F/M (Female to Male) romance writer — almost word for word.

By switching genres, Laura thought she could get away with it. Very few F/M readers will read M/M romance novels.

Lists: an efficient way to beat writer’s block

We have all experienced that crushing moment - when you stare at a piece of paper or your computer screen - and you have nothing to say. Your mind is blank. Your hands sweat. You hyperventilate. And you want to give up. Writer's block is soul-destroying and can leave...

Beat the #NaNoWriMo blues and just do it

National Novel Writing Month, otherwise known as #NaNoWriMo, encourages writers to produce a novel, while getting the support and encouragement of other writers around the world.

11 Ways to find New Content for Your Books

“If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room” The continued path to success is finding people that know more than you and last night I stumbled (literally) onto someone I have never heard of before. A friend shared a link to a webinar that...

Self-Publishing the Easy Way

Self-publishing isn't difficult if you know what needs to be done. Follow these items as if it's a checklist and you'll be sure to remember to do everything needed to be done to self-publish your book, information product, or novel. Research Your Topic(s)-- Whether...

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