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Ready to Publish Your Book but Need Help?

So have you published a book yet or are you still thinking / talking / dreaming about it? What is stopping you? When I ask people this question I get a variety of answers: Lack of time Limited money Motivation No structured plan No-one to be accountable to Lack of...

Why All Book Reviews are Good, even the Bad Ones.

We have recently had a discussion in my group Secrets To Publishing A Book about book reviews on Amazon. The conversation was sparked by a bad review on Laura Childs’ book “Low Carb High Fat No Hunger Diet and Cookbook: Lose Weight with A Ketogenic Hybrid”. Laura took...

Self-Published Authors – Stop whining about Amazon

Recently Amazon announced a new program for it’s customers called Kindle Unlimited. This new program allows customers to pay a monthly fee of $9.99 a month and in exchange the customers get to download e-books for free. This program is only available to the United...

You Mean I Have to do Some Work?!?!

I am sure you have noticed all those people who consistently pepper all the book groups on Facebook with the desperate plea for people to download their free books. They drive by with a copied and pasted ‘whoosh’ to as many of them as possible hoping that some of the...

How To Quadruple Your Turnover

For three and a half years I have pounded the virtual streets learning everything I can about running a successful online business, but it was only this year that I got one really important lesson drummed into this thick skull of mine. People will pay you what you...

The Harsh Reality of Self-Publishing

This video is a shortened version of the blog post. Self-Publishing is the new and improved “Get-Rich-Quick” theme of this decade. You see the adverts all over the internet: “Write a book, publish and become an instant celebrity, millionaire, guru or...

How to Publish A Book

This brief video explains how easy it is to publish a book and establish yourself as the Trailblazer in your industry. Diana Heuser specialises in e-Business and Publishing Resources for Authors. Connect with Diana Heuser on her business website, via Twitter...

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