Screenshot_7I found this promising plugin for WordPress sites that has potential for authors to market and sell their books off their websites. It’s called MyBookTable and is developed by Author Media.

Their sales copy says the following “A WordPress Plugin to help authors sell more books and make affiliate money through sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

I was really excited about this and so I decided to test the free version on one my work-in-progress sites. This site also has WooCommerce installed on it so please ignore the cart functionality. That is not part of the plugin.

The installation was pain free and the setup was not difficult. I setup one of my books on the site which you can see here: How To Publish and Sell 100 Copies of your Kindle Book.


One of the disadvantages of the free version is that you cannot make money as an Amazon Associate using the free version despite what their sales copy says. You can activate the Amazon, and Barnes and Noble buttons but it uses Author Media’s affiliate code. You can however link to other book sites but you would have to input your own affiliate code in the url for each book’s buy button that you set up.

The other disadvantage is that you cannot sell your own books off the site using a Paypal button. That functionality is only available in the Developer version.

There is a widget available which you can use multiple times for taxonomies like author, genre, series and tags. You can see that on the right hand side of the main book page here: My Book Table.

The other widget allows you to setup a ‘Featured Book’ with several options. You will see that in the right hand side bar as well.

What I did like about it is the ability to upload a free chapter in pdf format for readers to download. It then provides a link on the book page to download it.


When you take a look at the primary page, the books are shown underneath each other which means readers will have to scroll down. You could put the authors and genres in the sidebar and allow people to click on them, but the layout is not flexible.

So in summary here are the pros and cons:


  • Easy to install and setup
  • Useful information fields for each book
  • Can assign taxonomies like author, genre, series and tags
  • Has social media sharing buttons on each page and product
  • Could be useful if you have small range of books


  • To earn affiliate commissions you need to get the Professional version at $49 and that is for one site only.
  • To sell your own books using Paypal you need the developer version at $99. That does allow you to install on multiple domains.
  • Lack of page design flexibility

From the perspective of a single author or a publisher wishing to showcase a lot of books, the free version is not going to do it for you.

The only solution would be to get the Developer version but from my perspective the lack of design flexibility would stop me spending the $99. Here is a table listing the functionality in the different versions.


That is however just my personal opinion. It may fit your specific needs perfectly.

Let me know if you would like me to put together a tutorial on it for you?


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