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This how-to self-publishing library of 15 books, written by self-publishing guru Diana Heuser, contains everything you need to start writing and publishing online

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  • Non-Fiction Flash – How to write a non-fiction book in 48 Hours
  • 30 Days to Sizzling Author Website Traffic
  • How to set up product on JVZoo
  • Dynamic Content Creation
  • How To Run a Successful Online Book Launch
  • Just Do It – Change your life now
  • 21 Product Creation Blunders and Bloopers – How to avoid them
  • How to Publish Your Book on Createspace
  • How to Publish Your Book on Smashwords
  • How to Publish Your book on Lulu
  • How to Publish Your Book on Ingram Spark
  • Cash Flow Domination

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This how-to self-publishing library of 15 books,  written by renowned self-publishing guru Diana Heuser, is everything you need to start an online writing and publishing business for yourself.

It covers every single base, from creating Kindle books to sell on Amazon, to building up website traffic, to how to write non-fiction books in only 48 hours.

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Diana Heuser’s guide to publishing and selling 100+ copies of your Kindle book is one of the most solid plans I’ve seen, and it’s ideal for beginners. Too many people want to sell reports and courses that offer “one simple trick” (or worse, a loophole) that’s supposed to practically guarantee Kindle success, overnight. No. It doesn’t work like that. Not for 99% of writers and publishers, anyway. Certainly not for anyone who’s planning a long-term career in publishing. Most beginners need to do more than one thing right. In fact, they need to do practically everything right… in the nuts-and-bolts aspects of publishing, anyway. Worse, most beginners are starting with a publishing budget of exactly zero dollars. This book explains exactly what a beginner can do, every step of the way, to produce a book with a good chance of selling… and perhaps selling very well. Even better, Ms. Heuser talks you through the zero-budget version of publishing. It can be a tricky process the first time through, and Ms. Heuser’s screenshots will answer most or all beginners’ questions. I like this book because it’s simple and direct. It doesn’t list half a dozen options that could give a beginner a good reason to pause and “think about it.” (Publishing your first book can seem scary and overwhelming. You need a guide like this.) This book takes the reader from start to finish, publishing and selling a book. While my own publishing techniques are different in some cases — especially the formatting tool Ms. Heuser recommends — I can wholeheartedly praise this book because her directions work. That’s all you really need for your first few books. Beginning publishers can take this book and follow the directions, step by step, gaining confidence after two or three books. At that point, you’ll move past the “beginner” phase and can start trying other options… with the necessary insights you’ll acquire by following a plan like Ms. Heuser’s. No two publishers are likely to follow the exact same steps, use the exact same tools, and have the exact same priorities. However, if you just need to get started (in mid-2014), and want to be sure you’re following a plan that actually works, you will not find a better book than this. Skip others’ hype that boasts “one easy step” or “a sneaky loophole” to overnight success in publishing. Instead, work with a basic, solid plan like this. It will give you the foundation you need for success as a publisher. Aisling D'Art