Interactive Book Launch

I announced in my Facebook group recently that I would be documenting the entire book launch process for a new client of mine. The reason for that decision is to help you in launching your own books, either now or in the future.

The question that kept going through my mind is what is the best way to do this? How can I help you get the most out of this exercise? It came me while I was doing the dishes tonight. (I always get my best ideas while washing dishes.)

We need to make it interactive, and by interactive I mean that you take an active role in the whole process. I have always maintained that we never stop learning, and I do not consider myself an expert in the self-publishing industry at all. I am forever learning new skills and strategies from other people. So … how about we use this book launch as a learning tool for everyone?

Why would you want to help another author launch their book? What’s in for me you say?

Here’s my suggestion: I am going to compile the book launch into a case study at the end. I will document all the results and strategies we followed through the launch and release it as a paid information product. Those people who contributed by giving suggestions and critiques on the methodologies, will be given a free copy of the report.

I will also mention the contributors in the report and allow them to link to their primary website. So when the final product is released, you get access to hundreds of buyers who will see your information in the report.

The only condition is that all comments, critiques and suggestions must be made on the blog on this site each week and not in the Facebook group.

Sound fair?


So let me start with a little background on the book and the author. Then I would like you to tell me what the first steps are and why you suggest those steps.

The author has chosen to use a pen name “Alex Kirby” because of the nature of the book. The book’s title is currently “UnPickle Your Liver”.

This is what my client had to say when I asked them why they wrote the book:

You already know that my motive for writing the book is to help casual drinkers become aware of the hidden dangers of regularly drinking alcohol. Far from being a kill-joy, I want drinkers to see the fuller picture of alcohol so that they can make a choice about their future health.

Many drinkers, of all ages, seem to be unaware of the health risks and the other dangers associated with high consumption of alcohol. Soon, you won’t be one of them because you will have the full picture, possibly for the first time in your life.

The Party Scenario highlighted the problem of drinking too much alcohol. We recognise ourselves, and then, when we are sober, we ask ourselves why we let it happen, knowing full well that it’s not good for us. We know that this trend has become part of an international crisis that desperately needs our attention, and we appreciate and accept that things need to change.”

As you can see, this is a book that will challenge people’s thinking and probably make a lot of them uncomfortable.

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty:

  • What problems or challenges do you foresee marketing a book of this nature?
  • What title would you give the book?
  • What are the first steps do you suggest we follow?
  • Who is the target market?
  • What keywords (if any) would you target and why?
  • How would you write the book description?
  • Anything else?

I would love to hear what ideas you have. Don’t forget to link to your website when you comment on this post. It will give you a web traffic boost.

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