Vince RunzaI am delighted to have Vince Runza as our guest blogger this week. Vince always has pithy and honest advice. He has presented us with a few suggestions below that I think are brilliant.

Hi, Vince Runza here, with some suggestions regarding your writing, publishing, and habits. Ya know, it’s easy to write and publish a book these days. The thing is, how you go about it can make or break your publishing success.

If you’re mired in the depths of writing your first work, you might lose sight of the fact that how you go about it could spell disaster, long term, for your publishing career. You could be sweating details that are irrelevant. On the other hand, you could be ignoring vital practices that could catapult you into orbit, without any extra effort on your part.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • How long is a book? That’s a vital question! If you shine writing short stuff, write short stuff. You might package your work into a collection, rather than trying to compose something longer than War and Peace.
  • Consider writing fiction. If you’re not yet at the point where you’ve committed to a specific work, try becoming a fiction writer. Fiction can be evergreen, while non-fiction demands timeliness, credibility and research.
  • Learn self-publishing. The world has changed. No longer do you need to kiss up to ‘gatekeepers’ who send out rejection letters. There are several platforms where you can get your work published for free: KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), CreateSpace (for print work), Draft2Digital, and Smashwords. Get something up there, even if it’s ‘not really finished’. That’s because you can always upload a newer version instantly, correcting all those spelling and grammatical errors you made in the first edition.
  • If you self publish, learn marketing! You can sell less-than-perfect work if you have the Big Three right: Blurb, Cover, Title. I personally know someone who is making tens of thousands of dollars every month because that writer got the Big Three right, even though the first works were less-than-perfect.
  • Finally, relax! Have fun, be playful, experiment, and learn from your mistakes. That’s the thing – you learn from your mistakes, not your successes. Go out there and make some big ones!

I sincerely hope this helps.


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