I am sure you have noticed all those people who consistently pepper all the book groups on Facebook with the desperate plea for people to download their free books. They drive by with a copied and pasted ‘whoosh’ to as many of them as possible hoping that some of the mud will stick.

There are thousands of budding authors out there and some of them are actually quite good writers. I run a Facebook group that has some really good authors in it, and the overwhelming challenge for all of them is getting exposure to their books.

So I decided to try and help all those authors (not just my group) out there that are battling. The principle is simple. Set up a blog train where 100 authors could promote their book at no charge.

All they had to do is:

  • Make sure the book is free on the 3rd of May (KDP Select or a free pdf download)
  • Schedule a post about it, either on their blog or one of the major Social Media Channels
  • If possible have a mailing list signup form on their site (Reader’s Lists anyone?)
  • Mention it to a few friends
  • And then spread the word about it on the day of the book blog train

I would do the rest of it. I would list all the books available on the website with links to each contributing author’s website and book on Amazon (or where ever it was). I would then mail my Book Blog Train list and let them know that it was underway. Then I would run the promotional adverts that would help them increase their potential exposure even more.

So I started promoting this event and posted it onto various book groups in Facebook (after asking for permission first). Now remember I am not charging anyone any money and I am carrying the cost of all the advertising so it is a total win situation for them.

To date only 20 authors have signed up. What? Free advertising opportunity for their book and squat?

What was it about this promotional effort of mine that people were not getting? Was I not explaining clearly enough how huge the potential was?

Let’s look at the numbers. So the idea is to get 100 authors to promote their book. On average each author knows at least 200 people. If you multiply that you get to 20 000 potential people that would see your book. But if we get a little realistic and assume that only 20% of those potential new readers would actually download their book, that’s still 4000 people. Let me say that again.

That is 4000 NEW readers that have probably never heard of you before.

Now they do!

What’s not to get about that? Okay, so maybe it’s not about the numbers.

Perhaps it’s because I am offering this promotional effort for free? There is so much ‘free’ out there that we have become jaded and cynical. There is no value perceived in ‘free’. Maybe if I charge each author $100 to participate that would change the picture. Hmmm! I think I might just do that for the next one.

Book Blog Train - Secrets To Publishing A Book By Diana HeuserSome of the comments I got via email and private message were along the lines of this: “Uhm … so you mean I must do some work?”

Uh! Yes! And I promise you it will be 1000% more effective than your drive-by ‘whoosh’ efforts.

Here is my challenge to you!

If you are serious about your book writing career and are willing to do just the teeniest-tiniest bit of work, then take advantage of my generosity. I give you full permission, because when I run the next book blog train I am going to charge contributing authors a fee. Those that participated in the first one will get a substantial discount on the pricing.

Your choice. Are you up for it?


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