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Turn your pain and passion into profit

Every person on this planet has gone through heart-breaking and soul shattering challenges that have changed us forever. What we learn (hopefully) out of these hard times is how to live better lives, how to be better people. It changes our perspective on what's really...

Now readers can preview your Kindle book on your website

Amazon has released a nifty tool for self-published authors. This tool allows readers to preview your book directly on your website. The same functionality that allows readers to 'Look Inside' your book while on the Amazon site now allows readers to do the same thing...

Free 2016 calendar

I had some fun creating this 2016 calendar so I decided to give it away as a Christmas gift to you. The photographs were taken by Axel Bührmann.  The file is a 85mb zipped file and each month is in a separate jpg file. They are designed to be printed on A3 but you can...

Author Website Cheat Sheet

If you do not have an author’s website for your books or yourself, you are missing out on a valuable marketing and branding tool.

7 Excuses You Use to Not Self-Publish

Are you one of those people writing a book, but never get around to publishing it? Why not? What is stopping you? Here’s a list of the most common excuses I hear from fledgling authors as to why they have not published their book yet:

How to design your book cover — free

Getting the best-looking cover for your book is essential. You can get professionals to do it, but that’s expensive. This highly-recommended free site does it for you.

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